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Workplace productivity gains are demanded by managers all over the world.  Unfortunately, they usually try to win these gains by cutting staff or conditions.  This diminishes morale which further reduces the productivity they were trying to gain.  If they were thinking, “I know, firing a few will increase the workplace productivity of the remainder,” perhaps they should think again.  The few left are now actively seeking alternate employ because they are stressed and dissatisfied with their employer.  This means, when they go, the skill level of the organisation drops.  Will your customers benefit from that?

Here’s my solution –

Keep your existing staff happy.

Happy staff work harder, take fewer sickies, complain less, are keen, innovative, solution-oriented and work more effectively in a team.  It’s a no-brainer!  And the payoff you’re looking for is there – Workplace Productivity Improves!

But how do you foster this environment?  Simple…


Now, as a manager, you don’t have time to get around to every employee and ask, “So, how was your weekend?”  Consequently, no one expects you to.  However, to ignore the communication options you have is a sure way to breed the negativity you are trying to avoid.

Have you ever noticed that the day after Master Chef or the footy, your employees are congregating and talking about Master Chef or the footy?  Common experiences unite.  So,

give your employees the common experience you want to unite them.

Give them an internal newsletter jam-packed with your messages written in an entertaining and educational form.  Give them a little piece of your organisation to talk about each month.  Employee of the Month, A Trivia Quiz about your business, an article on company or personnel milestones, the CEO’s blog – these can all entertain and educate if they are read.

But how do you make your employees want to read this newsletter?

Employ someone who knows how to write.