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Steve Sweeney is a copywriter in Geelong.  With many years writing experience he is able to produce the persuasive words that will make your business’s phones ring.  Click on the Home Page to find out how he can help your business grow.

Here’s an example of a LinkedIn profile he wrote recently.  The client was ecstatic as it showed her to be personable and experienced in her field.  The name has been changed.


Lauren is a real estate professional with the Hammerstein team based in Melbourne.  With a few years under her belt now in the real estate industry, she has quickly learned that it is her knowledge of the business and dedication to providing the best service possible which contributes to her customers’ success.   That’s because real estate is a people business.

“In my business, I have to stay up to date with all the latest real estate trends to satisfy my clients’ interests.  Knowing which suburbs are experiencing growth and understanding niche elements of the general marketplace helps me to keep my customers informed.  This is how they get their edge.  They are then able to benefit from this knowledge and make educated choices about which property suits them best.”

Having numerous contacts behind the scenes is another key advantage Lauren’s clients possess.  She regularly meets with mortgage brokers, financial advisors and solicitors to see if they can add greater value to her customers’ experience.  Additionally, property stylists and tradespeople are often an overlooked resource which Lauren utilises the skills of before presenting properties for the market.  Another key advantage Lauren’s clients make great use of is her perceptive negotiating skills and solutions-based approach to problem solving.  This helps her achieve the maximum sale price every time and overcome some of the common problems associated with real estate transactions.

Lauren offers convenience and a personalized service second to none.  She frequently makes after-hours appointments to save her clients’ time and stress and is friendly, approachable and totally focussed on getting the job done.



Whilst working for Estee Lauder, Lauren learned the importance of establishing rapport with clients through educating them of the benefits of the products.  Selling high-end make-up is an art form based on many skills and attributes.  The most important of these is demonstrating great patience with clients as they are taught how and when to use the individual products.  This is knowledge Lauren still relies upon in her real estate career.



Steve Sweeney is a copywriter in Geelong.  Give him a call if your website isn’t delivering the results you want.

Going Concern – Geelong Copywriting

Going Concern’s Geelong Copywriting arm performs all writing tasks.  This week a video script was prepared for a woman who runs a relationship coaching business in Sydney.  The task was to make the script deliver an emotional response from readers – women whose relationships are less than perfect.  The following is the result…


Video Script

When you don’t have a wonderfully fulfilling relationship all you see is couples who do.  You see them strolling, laughing and hugging.  They hold hands, share secrets and react to imperceptible motions from each other because of their intrinsic and complex unions.

And all you want is a fair chance at the same.

You want a chance to embark on your own wondrous journey with the resilient and understanding lover of your choice.  You want the freedom and personal empowerment to be you in your relationship.

I know – I’ve been there.

Somehow, on the brink of walking headlong into an endless romantic desert, I found the fortitude to stop.  Instead of walking recklessly onto those barren sands I took another other path and decided to take control of my situation.  A profound determination to understand my yin and yang germinated.  Years of reading and studying psychology led me to fully comprehend my femininity and masculinity.   If only I knew then what I know now!

Oh… the pain I could have saved myself.

Through many harmful experiences and the resultant protective behavioural patterns I developed, my studies clearly identified I had been repressing the lovable me.  Worse, because of that I was attracting incompatible men who didn’t stand a chance with me and with whom I didn’t stand a chance.  Slowly, that vivacious woman inside me who had been damaged by all those wrong men yearned to try again.  I learned that emotionally mastering my insecurities, frustrations and need for love would enable me to let go of my chaos and grasp my freedom.  The resulting confidence then allowed this newfound mastery to permeate all areas of my life.

And the only way this education can begin is if you put the time in to understand yourself.  You need to get to know the one person who can chip away at the dam that keeps your love out to create the opening that lets it come freely flowing in.  It’s a process and it takes time.

I’m Rachel Winegarten and I know the young, fun and lively woman you were before you raised the barriers is still in there.  Let’s find her, guide her away from the desert and show her the garden downstream.


Regardless of your writing needs and geographical location, Going Concern’s Geelong-based copywriting services can assist.

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Going Concern’s Geelong Copywriter writes in all styles and for all purposes.  Click on the Services tab to learn more.

Here’s an example of a fun little job from a while ago.  My client asked me to write new lyrics for The Eye of the Tiger by Foreigner.  The new lyrics were to target, in a fun way, a friend of my client’s who was having a party in which this new version would be sung.  The aim was to send up her friend, Sam, who is a fitness instructor…


The Eyes of My Clients

Firing up, back on the street,
Had no carbs, got tight pants yeah!
Went the distance, sweatin’ the beat,
Just a chick with her clients to drive!

So many times when I seem so fast,
Clients lose their passion for glory.
They lose their grip on the dreams of their past.
How can I tell if they’re dead or alive?

It’s in the eyes of my clients.
They should eat lite.
Just lose weight – it’s not rocket science!
I say, “I’m not your reviver
So get out of my face.”
That’s when I see fear in the eyes of my clients.

Face to face, out in the heat,
I say, “Hang tough! Stay hungry!”
But they stack the carbs before we take to the streets.
Am I losing my skill to inspire?

It’s in the eyes of my clients.
“No pasta for you!
Don’t eat chocolate! I need some compliance!
I’m not your reviver
So get out of my face.”
That’s when I see shame in the eyes of my clients.

They’re giving up, straight to the shop.
“You’re all fat! You’ll be sorry!”
They can’t go the distance and I’m back on top.
Is that “Piss off, Sam” I see in their eyes?

Yep, it’s in the eyes of my clients.
I’ve learned not to care.
“Piss off then! – Can’t stand your defiance!
I’m not your reviver
So get out of my face.”
But there’s only relief in the eyes of my clients.

The eyes of my clients
The eyes of my clients
The eyes of my clients


Going Concern’s Geelong Copywriter – no job too quirky!

Geelong Copywriting – Going Concern, Geelong’s Premier Copywriting Company

The Geelong Copywriting Blog is an arm of Going Concern – Geelong’s premier copywriting company.  Demonstrated here are examples of the many writing styles possible at Going Concern.

The example below was commissioned by Business in Heels, an international event-based networking company for corporate and business women.  The owner wanted a welcoming speech written that was transferrable between Branch Directors.  It’s purpose is to gee up the room while providing some networking tips that would allow the women present to make efficient use of their time at the event.



Good evening everyone and thank-you for coming to this month’s Business in Heels event. My name is ?????? and I’m your host tonight so if you have any questions please tug on my sleeve and I’ll do my best to help.
Now this month we are exceptionally lucky to have ??????????? as our guest speaker. ???????? has a wonderful story to tell/inspirational ideas to share/engaging information to share and I’m sure all here will be able to take something away with them as a result of her words. I can’t wait for that one!
Also, as many of you know we are lucky to be partnered for this event by ?????. No doubt we are all looking forward to hearing more about her business so we can use this knowledge when we are out and about to see if we can help her. Because that’s why we’re here right? To help each other. And how do we do that? Can anyone tell me?
That’s right – we listen for people who are complaining! People who are complaining have a problem and the people in this room are in business to provide solutions to people’s problems. So all you have to do is introduce the problem to the solution and Bingo! You’ve just given someone a very helpful business referral. Who here wouldn’t like to receive one of those? Exactly – that’s part of why we’re all here!
So listen intently to our partners and everyone else you talk to tonight. Listen so you can learn all about their business or career. Then think about the people you know that these wonderful women might be able to assist. Easy right?
You know, some people think networking is a dirty word. They just don’t know how to do it right! They are probably the people who come to events looking for quick wins and putting people off as they hunt around the room searching for people to get the better of with their smarmy and slick methods. Not only does that way not work but it results in them being someone no one wants to talk to. If they only knew networking is simply helping people then they’d be a lot better off. You see, it’s amazing how helping people makes them want to help you right back. It’s human nature! So, if you would like to create a bank of women who feel like helping you in your business or career, what do you have to do? You have to help them first!
So what are you waiting for? Let’s get the bubbles flowing and the heels dancing around the room. Let’s start making some connections, building some relationships and learning about each other’s careers and businesses. Then, let’s start helping each other.
That’s why we’re here!


The Geelong Copywriting Blog is an arm of Going Concern.  To learn how you can convert your site’s visitors into callers, contact Steve on


                                          0459 412 521

Geelong Copywriting Blog – Going Concern, Geelong’s Premier Copywriting Company

The Geelong Copywriting Blog is an arm of Going Concern – Geelong’s premier copywriting company.  Demonstrated here are examples of the many writing styles possible at Going Concern.

The example below was commissioned by Volkswagen to help sell its Amarok range.



Whether you’re a tradie round town or out in the sticks, this workhorse is your best mate. In 2 wheel drive or Volkswagen’s own 4MOTION, this reliable ute will help you get the job done across a variety of terrains. Just stack your tools in the tray and get on with your day.
Inside, plug your favourite music into the audio system, adjust the temperature control and cruise comfortably between jobs. Muddy boots? No worries. At the end of the day, simply sweep the rubberised floor mats and they’re ready for tomorrow’s layer or add a set of flexible rubber floor trays to catch the dirt and shake out later. And leg space? It’s taken care of – this ute has heaps and plenty of pockets and compartments to store all your job folders and paperwork too. And if you need to store something larger inside, the split folding rear seats create an easy no-fuss option. Other features include remote central locking, electrically adjustable heated mirrors and power windows.
Under the hood, you’re in control. Pick either the TDI400 in 2WD with the option of selectable 4MOTION or the permanent 4MOTION of the TDI420. These engines are the perfect combination of the power and economy a tradie needs to keep his costs down while ensuring he can get traction when the going gets tough. Got a load to tow? No worries. The Amarok is capable of towing a braked weight of 3 tons with a total vehicle and trailer combined mass of 5.5 tons. That’s serious power.
Got questions? Call Mary on 0412 472 493 or email her at mynextcar.net.au Ask her about canopies, tub liners and lockable tray covers – the perfect accessories for any hard-working tradie needing a secure toolbox on wheels.

Geelong Copywriting Blog – Going Concern

The Geelong Copywriting Blog is an arm of Going Concern.  Going Concern produces high quality copywriting that cuts through the noise enabling clients’ messages to reach their targets.

Articles posted here are examples of how Going Concern delivers business writing to a brief provided by clients.  The client who requested the article below required light, general interest pieces suitable for his newsletter.  The newsletter is aimed at family life in Geelong suburbs making topics wide and varied.  Going Concern produces them all each month.


Dance to Remain Independent!


Fred and Ginger, Gene Kelly and Anna Pavlova were onto it before the rest of us – the health benefits of dancing. A range of studies conducted around the world are consistently uncovering findings that indicate dancing has multiple general health advantages.

Australian researchers found that elderly people with mood disorders participating in a two-week tango program experienced reductions in stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia.

A study published in Gerontology found a few weeks of salsa classes can seriously increase an older adult’s strength and balance. The study’s organisers also noted there was a very high attendance rate. It seems 92% of seniors who started the program went on to finish it!

Low impact dances seem to have a beneficial effect on pain management, according to another study. It found that participants, whose average age was 80, were able to reduce their analgesic intake by 39% and receive the joy of grooving to the beat the way only this age group can. The study also found their walking speeds increased as a result of the dancing. This is significant because it is known to delay the onset of dependent care.

The journal Circulation has published a study indicating sufferers of stable chronic heart failure might benefit from waltzing. It seems waltzing compares favourably to boring forms of cardiovascular exercise which means actually doing it is fun!

And finally, forget golf on the weekend! Dancing helps to delay dementia. Doctors hypothesize it’s the split-second decisions dancing is peppered with that continually activate the brain’s neural pathways which create this beneficial effect.

So if your elderly parents are languishing at home and only listening to Benny Goodman, let them know that actually moving in time with his rhythms may help to delay the wheelchair!


Going Concern can assist your business too by producing penetrating messages that cut through the noise.


Geelong Copywriting Blog – Business Writing

The Geelong Copywriting Blog creates copy for all business purposes.  Here’s one for a company wanting to educate business people about how to deal with scams.



There’s a sob story or a stroke of good luck that has come your way.  Or there’s an email requesting a refund or some bank details so you can be reimbursed the money you overpaid.  Yep, that’s how they often begin – SCAMS.

Most of us are trusting types – when we help a little old lady across the street, we are not expecting her to stab us in the foot with her spiked umbrella only to pick our pockets and dash off like a frolicking kitten.  Nor do we expect that long lost Uncle Joe got rich, died and left $2million to us which is only collectable if we give this nice man on the phone our most private of details.

Last year, $93million was lost to scammers and over 84,000 small businesses and consumers were the targets.  Here’s a common one for small accommodation houses…

An overpayment is sent by cheque for the accommodation.  Shortly after, the payer calls the accommodation owner requesting a refund to create the correct balance on the account.  What should the owner do?  The first thing is to get out of the habit of being a trusting type when dealing with money and people you’ve never met.  Then, ask a few questions like, did I make the amount owing clear in the first place?  How many other times has this happened?  And then the big one – Should I wait until the cheque is cleared before sending the balance back?

If a business transaction doesn’t smell right, it might not be.  Pause.  Breathe.  Question.

Then consult http://www.scamwatch.gov.au

Finally, get over the embarrassment of being scammed!  That embarrassment makes it easy for the scammers to get away with it again because it stops you doing the right thing and reporting it.


Embarrassment is one of the key motivators for not informing authorities to the existence of scams.  Hopefully the Geelong Copywriting Blog helped to overcome this.

Geelong Copywriting Blog – Going Concern

The Geelong Copywriting Blog was asked to write an engaging tale to for Reg Green of Green Real Estate…




The batsmen are putting an extra coat of varnish on the willow down at the Bairstow Eagles Cricket Club this season – and it’s not because they are all mad-keen timber preservers.  No, it’s because Reg Green of Green Real Estate and Eagles’ President, Bob Thomas have entered into an arrangement that could see batsmen scoring a lazy ton with one pull-shot!

Perhaps an explanation is order…

With a nod and a wink, Reg and Bob agreed that Scott can erect his advertising sign on the boundary if he is prepared to pay $100 to the batsman who wallops the ball into it from the middle.  And Reg’s pockets go deep – he has offered an accumulating jackpot of up to $1000 for the season!  Given the accuracy of some of the Eagles’ top order batsmen, Reg may yet come to wish he had made the sign a little smaller.

Bob described the HIT THE SIGN competition as a “fantastic development for the club.”  He continued, “This will create a real buzz around our club and local cricket in general.”

Equally enthusiastic, Bob said, “I am really pleased to be a part of this exciting competition which is something very unique for the local cricket association.”

The Bairstow Eagles Cricket Club was created in 1989 and, as the area has grown, so too has the club.  It is now a significant community concern with four senior men’s teams and an organically growing junior program set to produce the Shane Warnes and Dean Jones of the future.

The club won its inaugural 1st XI Premiership in the GCA’s Division 2 competition in the 2007/08 season and has since collected an impressive list of achievements.  It’s a community-based organisation run by volunteers and the good will of all involved.

The Bairstow Eagles Cricket Club is an invaluable community asset.  Attend a game and join in the neighbourhood fun.


The Geelong Copywriting Blog – writing for all purposes in all mediums.

The Geelong Copywriting Blog – Prospect Nurturing

Prospect Nurturing –

It Keeps Your Brand Top of Mind in Your Target Market.


When members of your target market are ready to purchase, you want your brand way ahead of the competition.  Prospect Nurturing is the marketing strategy designed to make this happen.   As a marketing method it is particularly suited when teamed with an aspirational/iconic brand since it delicately reinforces lifestyle and personal choices while acknowledging that purchasing lead times for expensive items are longer.






Mercedes Benz is an iconic brand.  It is associated with excellence, status, success and discerning taste.  The effective Prospect Nurturing system compatible with Mercedes Benz would take these qualities into account and project them into a monthly newsletter containing articles on opulent holiday destinations, sophisticated dining experiences, the benefits of individual Mercedes Benz features or vehicles, fashionable trends in home décor and more.  It would harness the knowledge that Mercedes Benz drivers have a higher than average disposable income and want to spend that on pleasurable experiences and instantly gratifying products.


Of course, such a publication would also deliver benefits from a short engaging story involving a driving holiday in the Merc.



Significant time and money are usually invested to identify qualified sales leads.  If the prospects are truly qualified, they may not be ready to buy right now but will probably be ready at some point in the next 2-3 years.  Ignoring them just because the timing isn’t right is a mistake.  So put those prospects in your Prospect Nurturing System to strengthen your connection until a time of their choosing.


Between voicemail, incomplete messages and elongated bouts of phone tag, it’s hard to make connections with prospects by phone.  Additionally, Prospects don’t care to be pestered by “are you ready to buy yet” phone calls.  Salespeople who do this become annoying and make themselves like every other pushy salesperson – someone your prospects want to avoid. Is that a smart way to run a business?




To separate yourself from the competition and position yourself as helpful and understanding of their lifestyle and mindset, allow your customers to be warmed on the backburner by your Prospect Nurturing System until they are prepared to make the call.


They have high disposable income,

They are aware of the personal image created by driving a Mercedes Benz,

They are aware of the superior creature comforts and performance.

Merc drivers don’t want to be sold a car. They want to buy a Mercedes Benz. Understanding this difference is critical. This mindset puts them in control. An effective Prospect Nurturing System will render them ready-to-buy so that overt selling does not need to take place.

A newsletter of this nature may even be attractive to vehicle finance companies, airlines, upmarket hairdressers, luxury décor stores, jewellery companies and fine-dining restaurants for advertising purposes. This would assist in financing the cost of production.





St. Moritz is one of the world’s most famous holiday resorts. Chic, elegant and exclusive with a cosmopolitan ambiance, it is located at 1,856 metres above sea level in the middle of the Upper Engadin Lake landscape. The dry, sparkling “champagne climate” is legendary and the celebrated St. Moritz sun shines for an average of 322 days a year.

Three different cultural regions converge in St. Moritz thanks to the Romansch language, the proximity to Italy and the fact that the majority of the local population are German speaking. The resort owes its original fame to its therapeutic springs, which have been known for over 3,000 years. As well as its superb location on the lake shore, St. Moritz offers an attractive mixture of nature, culture, sport, activity and tranquillity.

St. Moritz is the birthplace of Alpine winter tourism.  It has hosted two Winter Olympic Games (1928 and 1948) and numerous skiing and bobsled World Championships. The summer season is equally glamorous and actually attracts more international visitors than winter. St. Moritz offers an all-year-round guarantee of exceptional leisure and sporting attractions, cultural highlights, chic shopping and world-class events. It also has Triple A+ grade hotels and excellent restaurants. The St. Moritz sun shines more intensely, the “champagne climate” is dryer and snow is more certain than anywhere else. These elements, combined with the Upper Engadin Lake landscape and valley culture create an array of attractions that is unique in terms of qualityand diversity. In winter; downhill and Nordic skiing, Cresta Run, bob run, horse racing on the frozen lake, polo, cricket, golf and curling tournaments, Olympic ski jump ramp, gourmet and music festivals. In summer; mountain biking, inline skating, hiking, windsurfing, ice skating, golf, tennis, sailing, opera, art and culture and the Swiss National Park – all within a radius of a few minutes’ walk.

Contact your travel consultant for more information or to make arrangements.  Be sure to ask about the best fondue in town, heli-skiing, the snow bar and all the other attractions that make St. Moritz, well… St. Moritz!


The new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT sports car.

With its AMG sports seating capsules, black Nappa leather, carbon-fibre interior trim, keyless push-button starting mechanism and 6.3 litre V8 this new Benz is designed to turn heads, prowl like a panther then disappear in heartbeat.

For more information about this magnificent specimen, contact the team at Geelong City Motors. They will find it difficult to contain their enthusiasm when talking about this one!

The Geelong Copywriting Blog – Going Concern

The Geelong Copywriting Blog is an arm of Going Concern.  Going Concern produces high quality copywriting designed to cut through the noise and deliver clients’ messages in a language their target markets respond to.

Recently, Steve was given the fun job of coming up with new names and descriptions for some yummy slices.  The brief was to make it fun, funky and memorable.  Here’s the result…


The Roadmaker

Steamrollered cherries blasted with choc-o-gravel in a coconut blizzard. It’scrum!

The Mosh Pit

The zesty love-child of break-dancing limes and rapping white chocolate wants to disco on your tongue! Mmm – Delushious!

The Fig-U-Ate. 

Honey-drunk Figs arrested by Blueberries and Cranberries doing time under Judge White Chocolate.  One for the Highway Patrol!

The Choc-O-Matic Hedgehog.

Fast-lane it with this Fully-Loaded Hedgehog choc-o-bloc with choc-o-blocks and nougat nuggets.  Edible animal.

The Aprimellow

Let these amorous apricots lolling on marshmallow pillows and drenched in coconut white chocolate bask on your king-size.  Made for lovin!

The Peppermint Assault. 

This fully-worked baby has a dark chocolate dashboard and a coconut carby finished off with peppermint G-forces.  Wicked fuel!


The Geelong Copywriting Blogger loves helping businesses come up with these creative pieces!  They are fun to write and help make the client stand out from the crowd.

The Geelong Copywriting Blog – An Effective About Me

The Geelong Copywriting Blog was asked to write a kickass About Me for an immigration agent…

Lisa Petersen – About Me

Lisa Petersen is a Registered Immigration Agent with Lisa Petersen and Associates.  She specialises in determining the easiest legal avenues for people to obtain permanent residency in Australia.  She has 6 years’ experience as an Immigration Agent, and was a practicing lawyer for 3 years before that.  Her knowledge of the immigration process and dedication to providing the best service possible helps her clients.

“Immigration is an electorally sensitive topic in Australia so governments often change the law or policies connected to it.  By staying up to date with the latest reforms and using my legal training I am able to provide my clients with an advantage.  They are then able to benefit from my extensive knowledge and make informed choices about what suits them best.”

Having numerous community contacts is another key advantage Lisa’s clients have.  Once permanent or temporary residency is granted, her clients then need to fit into Australian life as quickly and possible.  Her extensive community contacts allow her to present a range of options to her clients. They are then able to quickly satisfy their housing, educational, transportation, language, financial and business needs.

“Upon their arrival into Australia, I am able to help my clients settle quickly.  I offer relocating assistance to clients who do not have family, friends or colleagues in Australia.  I connect them with services they require such as enrolment of children in schools and assisting in finding property.”

Something Lisa sees too many of are clients whose needs have not been satisfied by other Immigration Agents.  Recently, she assisted a family who arrived in Australia on a business visa.  However, their agent did not prepare them sufficiently to satisfy the requirements for permanent residency.  The incredible emotional rollercoaster these mistakes cause a family are as horrendous as they are avoidable.  Would they be forced to return to the country they were so desperate to leave?  If so, how would they be received once they have returned?  Would they be safe?  Persecuted?  In the case of this family, Lisa completed a total assessment of each family member.  She discovered one of the children played handball and was a member of a local sporting association.  The association declared it would sponsor the child.  The child became the main applicant.  This saved the family from having to go back to their old country.  They are now happily settled and very grateful members of our Australian community.  The family’s business interests continued to run smoothly through this process.

“It’s often the little things others overlook that win the day in the end,” says Lisa.  “By knowing the law and the rights of the individual applicants concerned, I can turn our complicated system to their advantage.  Sometimes it’s hard, but it’s not impossible.”


The Geelong Copywriting Blog enjoys helping people who are helping other people.

The Geelong Copywriting Blog – Block Buster.

The Geelong Copywriting Blog gets to cover all ground.

A while ago I was asked to create a likeable character in the first person who is the victim of a tree-change.  Here he is…

Block Buster

Perhaps Sam should just settle for Lumberjack Cake…


When Audrey and I first bit the bullet and moved from the city to the country we were rural virgins – we’d heard about it, talked about it, read about it and knew it would eventually feel good if we could work out how to manipulate the angles.  20 years and 2 kids later, virginity now just a smirk where laughter once was, we still occasionally feel like babes in the woods and are still sometimes daunted by the necessities of small acreage life.

Like many before us, the first thing we did to our newly subdivided 15 acres was to plant trees – hundreds of trees.  Gums, bottlebrushes, hakeas, wattles – you name it we planted it.  That was twenty years ago.  Funny thing about planting lots of trees when land is vacant, trees are $1 each, energy is high and foresight is low – you can’t envision the problems a 20 year old tree will cause.  You don’t picture the leaves in the gutters.  You don’t see the roots cracking the concrete of the grey water tank.  You don’t predict that little stem turning into a two foot trunk.  And it is this last eventuality which has been my most recent cause for daunt…

You see, the tree in question is threatening to side-swipe vehicles travelling on our driveway.  In my defence, this one was not planted but self-sown.  I’m not sure to what degree that renders me less stupid but thought it may be worth a mention.  Anyhow, the time arrived last Tuesday afternoon to tackle the problem.

The last thing Audrey said to me was, “I need to leave in half an hour to get the kids.”

“OK”, I said, wondering what this had to do with me.

Anyhow, again, with chainsaw in hand and lumberjack intentions, I headed down the drive.  I stared at the bushy 15m enemy, determined his falling direction and, with the tinge of sadness felt by pretend greenies, I proceeded to cut down the innocent gum secure in the knowledge that I was still several hundred trees in credit on the ledger and the wood would be used for winter fires.  I had cut out the wedge which indicates the direction of fall and was about to execute the back-cut when the breeze gusted from the wrong direction.  The tree fell across the driveway totally blocking it.

Audrey then drove down the driveway.  After rolling her eyes at me, she rang a neighbour.  “Jill, could you pick up our kids please?”  She paused, then agreed with Jill’s statement.  “Yes, Sam’s done it again.”


The Geelong Copywriting Blogger loves to give writing personality.  If you need help with this, give him a call.

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The Geelong Copywriting Blog – About Me’s

The Geelong Copywriting Blog has some thoughts on About Me Sections.  If yours is too much about you then, hmm… perhaps you should read on.



People spend a lot of time on the internet shopping around. Part of determining who they will spend their money with is the About Me tab.  An effective About Me tab may seal the deal.  An ineffective one will definitely kill it.

Like all sections of your website, the About Me section is a marketing tool. Consequently,


It absolutely must be about how your skills, connections, attributes, education and experience can benefit your clients.  Making this link is essential.  Your prospects are not on your website to learn that you graduated magna cum laude in the Class of ’93.  They don’t care about that.  They want to know how this distinction will advantage them.

We’ve all heard the adage he who pays the piper calls the tune.  However, not only does he pick the music, but the guy with the Mastercard also decides which piper’s services to buy.  To win the sale, you must be the piper who makes the prospect aware of the benefits your music will provide.

So that should be the message in your About Me section. Now, how do you package it?

Writing in the first person is easy for the writer…

“I am a member of the Corporate Systems Analysts Club, an independent institute for people who all believe the same thing about corporate systems. I am committed to corporate systems and read all of their journals so I can be completely up to date on their systems which never change.  I am fully licenced to participate in all elements of the Corporate Systems Analysts Club and this means a lot to me.”

…but it really sucks to read!!!

And don’t laugh at this one. I’ve changed very little in this one from the original.  The rest is out there on someone’s website.  How much work do you think this person is missing out on because it’s all about him?  Did you count the number of times ‘I’ was used?  4 in 3 sentences!  Who do you think this guy is all about?  His customers?  Hmm…

So here’s a tip – don’t write your About Me tab in the first person. It presents technical difficulties that even seasoned writers would prefer not to deal with.

If you’re still having trouble putting together an effective About Me section after reading this then give me a call. I’ll get something back to you in a couple of days.


0459 412 521

The Geelong Copywriting Blog – Need Electrical Help?

The Geelong Copywriting Blog was asked to help a local electrician spruik his business.  Here’s a page of that.  If you need this type of help give Steve a call on

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Domestic Electricians

Add value, function and style to your home with Powertrix Electrical’s residential services. By installing the correct energy efficient appliances, lighting ambience and smart wiring you can make your home even more liveable. We can also provide you with complete home automation, maintenance, repair and additional power and lighting outlets inside or out.

Does your home office need an upgrade? We can assist with providing extra computer and telephone outlets and also fibre optic cabling solutions. Our electricians regularly travel between Melbourne and Geelong for jobs of all descriptions and could certainly create a more productive office space for your home business needs.

Additionally, Powertrix Electricals can complete full installations for new homes or additional electrical services for renovations or established residential properties. Our internal and external residential work includes:

  • Full rewires and new wiring installations,
  • Additional lighting or power outlets,
  • Installation of voice and data cabling for home offices,
  • General installation, fault finding and upgrading of existing systems,
  • Surge protection and installation of safety switches,
  • Electrical testing and tagging services,
  • Installation of smoke alarms to comply with all current Australian regulations,
  • Provision of additional lighting, sockets or conversion to energy efficient lighting and more,
  • Security system installations including remote access door and CCTV,
  • On or off grid solar systems installations,
  • Installation of ducted vacuum cleaning equipment and split system air-conditioners,
  • 24/7 Emergency call out. Contact Powertrix Electricals for all your electrical emergency, industrial, domestic, commercial or maintenance needs. Email – [email protected]
  • Phone – 0430 275 144
  • You can relax and let the skilled team at Powertrix Electricals perform all your domestic electrical needs.

The Geelong Copywriting Blog – Going Concern

The Geelong Copywriting Blog helped Anita Schmidt put together an article for publication in a magazine.  Anita loved the way her skills, enthusiasm and helpful nature were seamlessly woven into the text.

Ride the Financial Wave

Solution to Saving.


Everyone wants a better deal on their home loan. But who’s got the time to look?
So what if there was a skilled individual looking for you who didn’t charge you for their time? That’s where mortgage brokers are an asset for any home buyer or investor.
Typically, mortgage brokers have 25 – 30 banks and other lending institutions they deal with. As a consumer searching for a loan, you might only approach 2 or 3. So realistically, who’s more likely to find the better loan for your individual needs? It’s a no-brainer. Additionally, as loans are the products they offer they know the differences between the various credit providers’ contract terms and conditions. This saves you from having to wade through the legalese and allows you to ask questions of someone who has your best interests at the core of their business – not a bank’s.
Meet Anita Schmidt. She owns and operates Financial Wave Solutions where she matches individual loans with individual borrowers. Her years of experience in the financial services industry means she possesses a detailed knowledge of an enormous variety of loan products. After a comprehensive discussion with her clients, she uses this knowledge to quickly narrow down the options and presents these for further discussion. From there the most suitable loan is determined. It’s a simple process designed to make her clients’ lives easy and stress-free – and save them thousands of dollars in totally avoidable interest repayments!
In a former life, Anita specialised in property investment. Consequently, she is well attuned to assisting her clients with any specific questions they may have in this area and she is equally capable helping first home buyers to navigate their often seemingly daunting arena.
As a professional in the mortgage broking industry, Anita acutely understands the legal requirements upon her to operate ethically and transparently in all circumstances. So, from initial consultation to final payment, she is there to service her customers’ needs, inform them of the process and offer astute advice on all aspects of their loan establishment experience.
Jump on her website at http://www.financialwavesolutions.com.au/ before October 30 for a chance to win a trip to New York City valued at over $9,000!

Geelong Copywriting Blog – Scam Protection

The Geelong Copywriting Blog works for a variety of organisations.  This article was written for a company that wanted to inject some life into world of Consumer Law and Scam Protection.



Some days it seems everyone wants your money. But remember – it’s your money so watch out for it!

Please take notice of this pair of invoicing scams…

The Domain Name Scam

Have you ever received a renewal notice from a supposed domain name registry with a believable company name? Well, you’re not alone.  Thousands of these go out every year warning that if you don’t renew soon then you may lose your entitlements to that name.  The only way to retain your entitlements, according to the scammers, is to pay a fee and re-register with them in a very short period of time.  Sometimes they get extra cocky and strongly advise extra services that a smart business person like yourself should be interested in.  Then they present an invoice for an inflated amount which they hope you will pay.

The solution? Know the name of the company through which you registered your domain name and ignore all other suitors.

Bogus Subscription Invoices

An invoice arrives along with all the other mail. It’s in a window envelope, it’s got a stamp, it looks mostly like other invoices you regularly receive, it’s a magazine subscription renewal notice for a publication you read.  You pay it by filling in the credit card details.  Then, a few months later, the real renewal notice arrives.

Damn! The bogus notice did not come from the magazine’s publisher.  It came from a scammer hoping you are too time poor to check its accuracy.  The scammers may also have offered you other magazines to subscribe to which of course, they will tell you, may easily cancel at any time.  Accept… um, where is their phone number?


Here’s the bottom line – be alert, it’s your money. Look for the signs that indicate something isn’t what it seems.

The Geelong Copywriter meets Vera Deakin White.

In his imagination, this wonderful gig allows the Geelong Copywriter to time-travel to amazing eras and learn about truly inspiring ladies.  Here’s another in the series…


A passion to serve the less fortunate, a symphonic ear and an eye for detail drove Vera Deakin to places most young women at the turn of last century would have baulked at adventuring to. Vera Deakin’s determination to serve made her no ordinary woman.
Born into the privileged surroundings of high society and affluence, Vera was educated by her aunt Katie before attending Melbourne’s Church of England Girls’ Grammar School. By the age of 12, her father was the Prime Minister of Australia. He held this position for the better part of the next decade. Consequently, had she been so inclined, Vera Deakin could have chosen a life of security, material pleasure and stability. She was not so inclined…
During her father’s term in office at age 22, Vera and Katie Deakin travelled to Berlin and Budapest so Vera could further her musical studies in cello and singing. What an escapade that must have been – touring the capitals of Europe, visiting the grand opera houses and witnessing the growing brutality to the Jews just prior to World War I! Well, it certainly left an impression on the young girl from the prosperous suburb of South Yarra whose father ran a fledgling country half a world away.
When war broke out, Vera was in London. Immediately, she put her shoulder to the wheel and one of her strengths instantly came to the fore – organisation. She gave structure to a group of Melbourne girls in London to undertake work benefitting the war effort. However, this was to be a short lived experience for Vera as her and Katie’s trip was nearing its end and they returned to Australia.
Driven by her first-hand knowledge of the European situation, Vera wasted no time when back home and joined the fledgling Australian branch of the British Red Cross Society and completed a course in home nursing. In what must have been a frustrating twist for her, she then accompanied her parents to San Francisco in 1915. So, on their return to Melbourne, she was more enthusiastic then ever to play some part in the war effort abroad. Her parents, however, were opposed to this.
Having been forbidden to continue her musical studies by her parents, then having her European journey cut when she was on the verge of serving and now being stifled by her protective parents again, Vera could take no more. She contacted (Sir) Norman Brookes who worked for the Red Cross. He encouraged her to join immediately. Fed up with her obstructions, defiantly, Vera left all that was comfortable to her and set off for Cairo. The day following her arrival, she opened the Australian Wounded and Missing Inquiry Bureau.
The Bureau’s work involved discovering the whereabouts and fate of missing Australian soldiers in the Gallipoli theatre. Given the communication methods of the day and the continuing campaign, Vera’s organisational abilities were tested to the limit. Undaunted by these obstacles, Vera led her team of volunteers to unearth this often tragic news which was then relayed to thousands and thousands of grief-stricken relatives back home. She was a small but important cog in the war machine and many benefitted greatly from her passionate drive and sense of urgency. She was 25.
Vera Deakin saw her future, heard the call and shouldered the burden. In so doing, she brought enormous comfort to many.
You go girl!

The Geelong Copywriting Blog’s Travel Blog.

In 2012, I was asked to write a travel blog of my family’s adventures on wonderful holiday we had in Europe for three months.  This is the first in a series of 33 articles which have been published in 5 newspapers and on various sites around the world.  The articles work because they intrinsically link fun with the family to the education gained from travel.  It’s a winning combination that has inspired many others to take a big adventure.

Two adults and two kids travelling in Europe for three months? With the Smiths, it can only go one way – to Funville!  The kids are off school, she’s tossed in her job and he, well… he’s not right.


Blog!? I don’t blog. But Audrey said, “It’s a good way to communicate with people who might want to read about our adventures.”  Well, maybe.  But people who blog are angry and live in apartments on the ninth floor.  They eat Pringles and drink Mountain Dew.  They think the world is interested in what they think about the Eurozone debt crisis, alternate sources of energy, maintenance of the space station and other, like, stuff.  No one gives a toss what I think about that.  I’m not unstable enough.  “Well, if it’s not a blog, you will have to email everyone directly.”  Me?  “Yes, and postcards.  I don’t work anymore!”  I stumbled a bit before replying… So, you’re telling me, a blog is a cost effective, time effective, opt-in, method of information transfer.  “Yes.”  But, can I be myself or does it have to be some informative travelogue full of interesting and insightful observations that uses flowery language?  “Good God no.  You’re incapable of that!   Be your over-familiar self and have fun with it!”  And the kids?  “Yes?”  Well, I like to be able to joke about everything.  “So joke about them too.”  Phew.  And, this ‘not working’ thing, surely that would be a, how shall I say, a temporary state of affairs?  You know, nothing permanent?  And while I believe you shouldn’t rush into another job, you’ll need something to occupy your time after three months away with the family.  Have you considered part-time work?  The milk bar?  They are always looking for ex-executive types who have lost their way.  “Sam, you’re babbling.  How about you start on that blog?”  All right, but no chips and fizzy kid drinks for me!  I’m doing it on foie gras and a devilish Bordeaux.  That way you’ll have to go back to work to afford me!

So here I am – blogging. Now, I know a forty-year-old blogger sounds like a victim of a mid-life crisis but my incentive is quite, well, quite selfish really – if I don’t blog she may never go back to work!  Forgive me and let the blog begin…

                                      LOS ANGELES


Yesterday was the fruition of a promise we made to our kids about four weeks ago. We said there would be no Christmas or birthday presents for either of them in the next cycle and in return they would get a day at Disneyland during our LA stopover.  The naïve little lovelies agreed.  I love this age.  You can convince them about anything.  Tee hee.  There we were laughing, laughing all the way to the bank thinking about how much we had saved.  Then it came time to hand over the money at the gate, then we bought food, then we bought more food, some water and coffee.  Well, needless to say, I think the little buggers got the better of us!

Regardless, Disneyland was designed for these 10 and 8 year olds. All the rides their mother had been going on for years during her work trips suddenly became more than fanciful descriptions to Harry and Kate. And she doubled as a tour guide to direct us about.  However, in answering Harry’s question, “Mum, how many times have you been here?” she sheepishly responded, “Less than 15.”  It was then that the true nature of those ‘work’ trips became apparent.  Soon after, we found out she knows the names of the older attendants on Thunder Mountain.  She was greeted with a hearty, “Well, how do, Audrey?  So nice to have you back,” by the gatekeeper on Space Mountain.  The Splash Mountain guys formed a guard of honour for her.  I was coming to grips with the sensation that I wasn’t in the Alps (is every ride here a Mountain?) when Goofy exited the parade and gave her flowers.  That was all fine but when Prince Charming started winking at her I got the feeling she was leading a double life.  The seven dwarfs calling her ‘mummy’ sealed the deal.  The kids, her real ones, and I were silent all the way home in the car while she casually explained about how exhausting work trips can be and how she and her colleagues needed some place to run about like children after a day of high-level negotiations.  That’s nice, dear.

One of the rides we went on was the Mickey to the Rescue Rollercoaster. In response to the question, “Who are we trying to rescue?” the over-confident, pimply attendant replied, “That’s a good question.  I’ve never been asked that before.  I’ll try to think of a witty answer for next time.”  How can you work on a ride named Mickey to the Rescue and not wonder who is in danger?

I had just bought some ice-creams and the lady serving us asked, “Are you all having a magical day?” I told her ‘magical’ didn’t cover it as I waited in queues up to an hour for rides that lasted a minute and payed inflated prices for fat-encrusted-in-salt delights designed to make America the heart disease capital of the world.  “See, you are having a great day!”  Was it my accent?

We went on a ride called ‘It’s a Small World’. It had a Christmas theme going covering how the yuletide spirit may affect dolls in national dress from around the globe.  We floated through a wonderland of Asians, Africans, Europeans and many minority groups all singing a rousing chorus of It’s a Small World followed by We Wish You a Merry Christmas.  The ride lasted 6 minutes and left an indelible impression.  Now I can’t get the damn tune out of my head!  I may sing it to a Neo Nazi in Frankfurt airport.

Next we ate chocolate coated ice-cream next to something resembling a chocolate coated banana all coated with whipped cream and chocolate fudge and sprinkled with millions of hundreds and thousands. Then we spun around on those pesky colourful teacups.  They were very nearly more colourful.

Ah Disneyland… motion sickness, queasy tummies and general disorientation. And the most fun we’ve had as a family for a long time.


http://www.quirkyquests.com.au/  if you want to read more…

Geelong Copywriting Blog – Spits for Hire.

Here’s an example of the Geelong Copywriting Blog’s killer sales copy that links the reader to the product…



You’ve positioned the dough disc on the stone, topped it with your own home-made tomato sauce before adding hot salami, onions, mushrooms, peppers and a liberal sprinkling of mozzarella. Then, into the Spits For Hire Pizza Oven it goes. Ten minutes later, the family has gathered at the picnic table, you’re sipping a red and everyone’s eating and talking about their day – it’s pizza night at your house!
Did you say you want versatility? Problem solved. This pizza oven comes with a stainless steel grill perfect for barbequing your spicy sausages, honey-soy marinated lamb back straps or medium rare T-bones – enough for 80 people! And, of course, being a Spits For Hire product, you can also spit roast a whole piglet or lamb (up to 15kg), create mouth-watering souvlakis in the traditional Greek method and cook multiple chooks until they are succulent, golden brown and irresistible.
So now the eating is done and you’re looking to relax. This is where the true versatility of the pizza oven comes into play. You see, now it turns into a heater for those chilly evenings when the stars are out and your belly is so full you can’t move.
The Spits For Hire Pizza Oven – strong, versatile, 3 sizes, locally made and economical to run. This little gem is the perfect addition to any patio or verandah and will instantly become the focus of your next gathering.
Call the guys at Spits For Hire for information about their pizza ovens. Then invite your friends around for an easy evening of fun and relaxation.


You’ve thinly sliced the spit roasts, prepared the gravy using the meat’s own juices, roasted the potatoes, carrots and onions to perfection and now the natives are starting to gather with cutlery and appetites. You’d better be able to keep it all warm while you serve them!
Bain maries are the perfect solution. A bain marie is a steaming water bath situated below a series of stainless steel inserts that hold your mouth-watering roasts and vegetables. Above this is a line of heat lamps that provide additional warmth while also working to deter insects. All you have to do is conveniently position the plates on top to keep them warm and watch for the look of anticipation on your guests’ faces as they stand in line awaiting their chance to feast.
Spits For Hire bain maries come with their own stand, in many sizes and we can deliver them to allow you more time to set up other elements of your function. They are easy to use and keep clean and are magnificent at keeping food warm and moist for long periods.
Hosting a function? You’ll need a Spits For Hire bain marie for the hungry hordes.


The Geelong Copywriting Blog can create the copy that connects your customers to your product!

The Geelong Copywriting Blog has some thoughts on Kitchen Design…

The Geelong Copywriting Blog reposts articles Steve has written for a variety of clients.  Here’s one for a local Real Estate Agent…


Heading – Kitchen Design Tips.

Kitchens are often regarded as the heartbeat of the home. Family and friends gather there, neighbours sit around the table for a chat and the dog always seems to be in attendance when meals are being prepared to do a bit of instant vacuuming.  So it’s important that its layout is functional and everything has a home to prevent clutter devouring your bench space. If you are considering renovating your kitchen make sure it doesn’t end in cardiac arrest by contemplating these ideas.

1. Prepare a Plan

Take some time with this one – it’s your blueprint for success. Consider kitchens you’ve been in.  What did you like/dislike?  Think about your existing kitchen and the problems that need solving.  Is there enough bench space?  Do you want more space between bench tops for a larger oven?  Is there enough space for the new fridge/freezer combination you need for your growing family?  Really get down to the nitty-gritty and consider lighting, flooring material and ventilation.  This is the most important phase.

2. Layout

It’s been said many times because it’s true – there should be no more than 3 meters between either of your sink, fridge and stove and these items should form a triangle. Don’t fight it.  It works!  Position bench tops and cupboards accordingly.

3. Who Has Enough Storage?

When considering your renovation perhaps cupboards that go all the way to the ceiling are a good idea. These reduce clutter and so minimise the time you spend cleaning.  Think about how deep drawers, a walk-in pantry and an appliance cupboard may be of benefit

4. The Tradies

Get recommendations from people you trust. Nightmare renovation sagas always begin with the person doing the work.  If you get references, check them.  If there are none, ask yourself why.  This person will be in your house for a few weeks – it’s worth spending some time to get a sense of who he/she is.

Remember, living with any on-going upheaval in your house is stressful. When it all seems too much, relax on your verandah with a cuppa and pat your dog.  He’ll soothe those frayed nerves.

The Geelong Copywriting Blog would like to introduce you to Block Buster

The Geelong Copywriting Blog can take you to extraordinary places.  I sometimes write articles of a humorous nature for a small newspaper.  I’ve been allowed to invent a character I can have fun with…

Block Buster

Sam needs to learn to deal with disappointment better…


Some friends of ours went to Bali last weekend. They live down the road on a small property and asked if I would feed the chickens during their absence.  Sure, I said, knowing I would exact revenge one day.

In a seemingly unrelated matter, we own a 4WD. The ownership of this vehicle followed a fun Queensland holiday we had a few years ago when we hired one to go adventuring north of Port Douglas.  With no 4WD experience, the trusting rental agency allowed us to sign a contract which left us in charge of this 2 tonne beast and we crossed rainforest rivers, skidded to sudden stops for time-rich roos and took on steep ups and downs on rocky and muddy tracks.  During this experience, we got the feeling the car had greater abilities than the drivers.

So when the next car was due, a 4WD was chosen. That was two years ago.  We are still far from expert behind the wheel but determined to give it a go on our holiday camping adventures.  Accordingly, Audrey bought me a 4WD training course for a birthday present.  The course was to be held last weekend but at the last minute the instructor sent me an email apologising but he was unable to run the course at the allotted time as he was in hospital.  It did, however, mean I was able to feed the bird.

So it was with disappointment in my blood that I got in the car and headed to our friends place. There are two way to get to our friends place – the straight-down-the-road-route-that-should-be-taken-by-disappointed-4WDers and the 4WD route.  You know which one I took, but, in my defence, do you know how it feels when you wanted to give something a go?  When you were primed full of enthusiasm and bravery not usually associated with you?  Well, that was me.

Into the Landcruiser I hopped and along the 4WD track I drove. Has anyone else noticed the rain lately?  Hmm.  Anyhow, there were a couple of boggy holes – no troubles.  There was mud – cool!  There were hundreds of potholes – no worries.  And there was one long puddle that I probably should have thought a little harder about.  Part way through it and the wheels they spin but the car she no go.  Two hours later the chickens are fed, I am home covered in mud from head to toe and along the way I gave myself a lesson on how to use that winchy thing.


The Geelong Copywriting Blog – Social Media Responsibility

The Geelong Copywriting Blog knows no boundaries.  Recently I have been writing posts for a lady running a company which teaches small businesses to be ACCC compliant.  Here’s an example…



Let’s not mince our words here – businesses use social media pages as a marketing tool to generate sales. They are not established to inform your granny or your BFF about some new pair of heels you bought.  With this in mind, it is the business owner’s responsibility to make sure no claims on their site are false or misleading.  There is no separate set of laws designed to cover social media – the current laws do this adequately.  This means there is no specialised knowledge that business owners are required to have in order to operate their sites.  However, when operating business social media pages business owners should keep certain fundamentals in mind…

  1. Monitor your site for all comments. Set up a schedule for this.
  2. Delete comments that are false or misleading. It does not matter that these may have been posted by third parties.
  3. Set up and highlight rules which apply to your followers. Deny access to users who break these rules.
  4. Decide if social media is for you. Compare its sales generation numbers to that of other advertising types you use then factor in the time and expense of complying with the regulations. Just because others are doing it, doesn’t mean you should.
  5. Offer refunds to customers who have purchased based on false or misleading claims which have appeared on your site. This is great for business in the long run as humans accept mistakes happen. It also creates a reason to engage with your customers and they are seeing you doing the right thing.

Operating with the above in mind may save you time and money in the long run. The key is setting up the right practices and internal business culture sooner, not later.

The Geelong Copywriting Blog – Can Beer be Healthy?

The Geelong Copywriting Blog must sometimes go where few are brave enough travel.  The one below involved beer so no bravery was required.  It’s a piece I did for a local newsletter recently.  The editor wanted something everyone could relate to delivered in a light manner…



Can beer be healthy? Yep, but as always, in moderation.

Mostly, it’s wine that gets the glory when considering alcoholic drinks that provide health benefits. But scientists are discovering that an ale or two may also provide advantages to the human body.

  1. Beer is a superior source of micronutrients. These little dynamos whizz around your body and help to support its various systems – cardiovascular, immune, brain function, nervous etc. Add to this a few vitamins, niacin, riboflavin and folate and the reasons for moderate consumption start to add up.
  2. Studies suggest that a brew or two may deter the formation of blood clots. Beer has been found to have beneficial effects on lipids and fibrinogen, a protein associated with blood clotting.
  3. Beer reduces the risk of heart disease. Yep, seems to be the case. A 2011 study found that moderate consumption of beer increases your body’s good cholesterol while decreasing the bad.
  4. Beer may help create strong bones. Go figure. And apparently, researchers believe Indian Pale Ales are the best. The reason? Silicon. This is thought to improve bone mineral density thereby making them stronger. The silicon is in its highest concentrations in beers that have more malted barley and hops.
  5. And finally, an ale or two has been linked with lowering the risk of developing kidney stones. Researchers believe this is due beer’s high water content. Also, hops are thought to contain elements that retard the release of calcium from bone which is connected to kidney stones.Now, let’s be sensible here. None of the above means 27 pots at the pub tonight will make you invincible in all these areas. Moderation is the key for deriving the health advantages so take it easy and enjoy responsibly. And don’t forget fruit and vegetables – they should be the mainstay of any diet for health reasons. Totally relying on beer will lead to tears.


Clearly, this Geelong Copywriting Blogger needs to conduct more research into this ambitious topic.


The Inter-Comms Guy

Sometimes good ideas are lost in translation…


“The Inter-Comms Guy? Why do I need The Inter-Comms Guy?  We already have an internal newsletter!”

It may have been her victory in last night’s pole dancing competition or perhaps her 3rd to Janice Peters in the over-40s squash tournament – who knows!  But something had filled Maureen Chalmers with an unexpected courage that was impossible to contain.  “Mr Johnson,” she stiffened herself, “Your newsletters are boring and no one reads them!”

“What do you mean no one reads them?” Mr Johnson thumped the table as he raged.  “I write them! Everyone should read them!”

“Hmm… um…” Maureen stared at the floor and fidgeted.

“Maureen, you’ve been my trusted secretary for 8 years. Is there something you want to say about my newsletters?”

Suddenly wondering about the longevity of her position but realising there was no turning back now Maureen stood fast and repeated, “Yes, sir. They’re boring!”  Then, as if possessed by all the frustrations of typing up a newsletter she knew no one would read for the last eight years, Maureen exploded.  “They have too much corporate speak, the sentences are too long, there’s no entertainment, no humour, no fun, no reason any of the workers on the floor out there would ever want to engage in any of your flat and monotonous articles.  Sir, your newsletters contain valuable messages but no one reads them because they are written in a manner that can even put me to sleep as I type!  How could you reasonably expect any of your team to read them?”

Wounded, Mr Johnson stuttered, “Bu-but my y-year 9 English teacher loved m-my stories.”

“Sir, a quality internal newsletter could do so much. It could inspire, improve morale, put a smile on the faces of the people who deal with our customers.  It could be a unifying force that helps create a happy and informed workforce.  It could promote health and safety in an engaging manner.  It could empower and remind staff about their environmental impact and our culture and how we achieve our vision.  Mr Johnson, it could be a beacon they turn to every month for whatever you want them to know!”  Maureen paused, breathless.  Overcome by emotion, she edged over to Mr Johnson’s desk and sat on the corner.

Mr Johnson looked up to his faithful right-hand-girl. “Anything else?”

“It can only be these things if your employees want to read it.”

“How do we make people want to read?”

“Employ someone who knows how to write.”



If you’ve just taken time out of your busy day to read the above 450 words then you’ve just seen what The Inter-Comms Guy can do.  Despite being busy, you absorbed his message.  If you have a message you would like others to absorb contact The Inter-Comms Guy on…


0459 412 521.


The Inter-Comms Guy – he’ll cut through the noise.