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New content versus other marketing.

Where do you spend your marketing dollar?

Yellow Pages?  About $4,000.

Networking Groups?  $2,000 for some.

Newspaper advertising?  Sky’s the limit.

Radio and Television?  Wow, you’re rich!

Do these marketing forms help you succeed in getting across the totality of what you do?  Are your prospects likely to become sufficiently informed about your product range, the services you provide and the region you work in to want to become clients?  Or, is their next step to go to your website to find out more?

Savvy business owners use the above marketing forms to refer prospects to their websites because no other marketing form can economically provide the information a website can.  Don’t fight, hug it!  It may result in spending less on marketing while achieving greater sales!

When actively seeking information about a product or service, how many prospects rely on the above marketing forms?  Hmm… about none!

A proactive consumer doesn’t wait for an ad!

So make sure your site is –

  1. Easy to find,
  2. Informative,
  3. Engaging and
  4. Build confidence in you.

Easy to find equates to ranking well.  A constant stream of fresh content will help achieve this.

Informative means you must tell your prospects about what your business sells and how this benefits your customers.

Engaging.  Okay, it’s getting harder now.  Your fresh and informative content must induce a prospect to keep reading.  Otherwise, why is it there?

Building confidence in the business is the big one and is overlooked too often by copywriters.  If I’m looking to buy an item worth a few grand, I want to know the guy selling it to me will be there tomorrow, can fix it if it breaks down, has spare parts, can make good on any warranty claims and has that manner about him/her that says, “I’m here for you.”  Anything less and I’m going down the street with my hard-earned.  A website with the right content can build consumer confidence like no other form of marketing.