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Sometimes good ideas are lost in translation…


“The Inter-Comms Guy? Why do I need The Inter-Comms Guy?  We already have an internal newsletter!”

It may have been her victory in last night’s pole dancing competition or perhaps her 3rd to Janice Peters in the over-40s squash tournament – who knows!  But something had filled Maureen Chalmers with an unexpected courage that was impossible to contain.  “Mr Johnson,” she stiffened herself, “Your newsletters are boring and no one reads them!”

“What do you mean no one reads them?” Mr Johnson thumped the table as he raged.  “I write them! Everyone should read them!”

“Hmm… um…” Maureen stared at the floor and fidgeted.

“Maureen, you’ve been my trusted secretary for 8 years. Is there something you want to say about my newsletters?”

Suddenly wondering about the longevity of her position but realising there was no turning back now Maureen stood fast and repeated, “Yes, sir. They’re boring!”  Then, as if possessed by all the frustrations of typing up a newsletter she knew no one would read for the last eight years, Maureen exploded.  “They have too much corporate speak, the sentences are too long, there’s no entertainment, no humour, no fun, no reason any of the workers on the floor out there would ever want to engage in any of your flat and monotonous articles.  Sir, your newsletters contain valuable messages but no one reads them because they are written in a manner that can even put me to sleep as I type!  How could you reasonably expect any of your team to read them?”

Wounded, Mr Johnson stuttered, “Bu-but my y-year 9 English teacher loved m-my stories.”

“Sir, a quality internal newsletter could do so much. It could inspire, improve morale, put a smile on the faces of the people who deal with our customers.  It could be a unifying force that helps create a happy and informed workforce.  It could promote health and safety in an engaging manner.  It could empower and remind staff about their environmental impact and our culture and how we achieve our vision.  Mr Johnson, it could be a beacon they turn to every month for whatever you want them to know!”  Maureen paused, breathless.  Overcome by emotion, she edged over to Mr Johnson’s desk and sat on the corner.

Mr Johnson looked up to his faithful right-hand-girl. “Anything else?”

“It can only be these things if your employees want to read it.”

“How do we make people want to read?”

“Employ someone who knows how to write.”



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