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Going Concern’s Geelong Copywriting arm performs all writing tasks.  This week a video script was prepared for a woman who runs a relationship coaching business in Sydney.  The task was to make the script deliver an emotional response from readers – women whose relationships are less than perfect.  The following is the result…


Video Script

When you don’t have a wonderfully fulfilling relationship all you see is couples who do.  You see them strolling, laughing and hugging.  They hold hands, share secrets and react to imperceptible motions from each other because of their intrinsic and complex unions.

And all you want is a fair chance at the same.

You want a chance to embark on your own wondrous journey with the resilient and understanding lover of your choice.  You want the freedom and personal empowerment to be you in your relationship.

I know – I’ve been there.

Somehow, on the brink of walking headlong into an endless romantic desert, I found the fortitude to stop.  Instead of walking recklessly onto those barren sands I took another other path and decided to take control of my situation.  A profound determination to understand my yin and yang germinated.  Years of reading and studying psychology led me to fully comprehend my femininity and masculinity.   If only I knew then what I know now!

Oh… the pain I could have saved myself.

Through many harmful experiences and the resultant protective behavioural patterns I developed, my studies clearly identified I had been repressing the lovable me.  Worse, because of that I was attracting incompatible men who didn’t stand a chance with me and with whom I didn’t stand a chance.  Slowly, that vivacious woman inside me who had been damaged by all those wrong men yearned to try again.  I learned that emotionally mastering my insecurities, frustrations and need for love would enable me to let go of my chaos and grasp my freedom.  The resulting confidence then allowed this newfound mastery to permeate all areas of my life.

And the only way this education can begin is if you put the time in to understand yourself.  You need to get to know the one person who can chip away at the dam that keeps your love out to create the opening that lets it come freely flowing in.  It’s a process and it takes time.

I’m Rachel Winegarten and I know the young, fun and lively woman you were before you raised the barriers is still in there.  Let’s find her, guide her away from the desert and show her the garden downstream.


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