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Dance to Remain Independent!


Fred and Ginger, Gene Kelly and Anna Pavlova were onto it before the rest of us – the health benefits of dancing. A range of studies conducted around the world are consistently uncovering findings that indicate dancing has multiple general health advantages.

Australian researchers found that elderly people with mood disorders participating in a two-week tango program experienced reductions in stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia.

A study published in Gerontology found a few weeks of salsa classes can seriously increase an older adult’s strength and balance. The study’s organisers also noted there was a very high attendance rate. It seems 92% of seniors who started the program went on to finish it!

Low impact dances seem to have a beneficial effect on pain management, according to another study. It found that participants, whose average age was 80, were able to reduce their analgesic intake by 39% and receive the joy of grooving to the beat the way only this age group can. The study also found their walking speeds increased as a result of the dancing. This is significant because it is known to delay the onset of dependent care.

The journal Circulation has published a study indicating sufferers of stable chronic heart failure might benefit from waltzing. It seems waltzing compares favourably to boring forms of cardiovascular exercise which means actually doing it is fun!

And finally, forget golf on the weekend! Dancing helps to delay dementia. Doctors hypothesize it’s the split-second decisions dancing is peppered with that continually activate the brain’s neural pathways which create this beneficial effect.

So if your elderly parents are languishing at home and only listening to Benny Goodman, let them know that actually moving in time with his rhythms may help to delay the wheelchair!


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