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Recently, Steve was given the fun job of coming up with new names and descriptions for some yummy slices.  The brief was to make it fun, funky and memorable.  Here’s the result…


The Roadmaker

Steamrollered cherries blasted with choc-o-gravel in a coconut blizzard. It’scrum!

The Mosh Pit

The zesty love-child of break-dancing limes and rapping white chocolate wants to disco on your tongue! Mmm – Delushious!

The Fig-U-Ate. 

Honey-drunk Figs arrested by Blueberries and Cranberries doing time under Judge White Chocolate.  One for the Highway Patrol!

The Choc-O-Matic Hedgehog.

Fast-lane it with this Fully-Loaded Hedgehog choc-o-bloc with choc-o-blocks and nougat nuggets.  Edible animal.

The Aprimellow

Let these amorous apricots lolling on marshmallow pillows and drenched in coconut white chocolate bask on your king-size.  Made for lovin!

The Peppermint Assault. 

This fully-worked baby has a dark chocolate dashboard and a coconut carby finished off with peppermint G-forces.  Wicked fuel!


The Geelong Copywriting Blogger loves helping businesses come up with these creative pieces!  They are fun to write and help make the client stand out from the crowd.