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Heading – Kitchen Design Tips.

Kitchens are often regarded as the heartbeat of the home. Family and friends gather there, neighbours sit around the table for a chat and the dog always seems to be in attendance when meals are being prepared to do a bit of instant vacuuming.  So it’s important that its layout is functional and everything has a home to prevent clutter devouring your bench space. If you are considering renovating your kitchen make sure it doesn’t end in cardiac arrest by contemplating these ideas.

1. Prepare a Plan

Take some time with this one – it’s your blueprint for success. Consider kitchens you’ve been in.  What did you like/dislike?  Think about your existing kitchen and the problems that need solving.  Is there enough bench space?  Do you want more space between bench tops for a larger oven?  Is there enough space for the new fridge/freezer combination you need for your growing family?  Really get down to the nitty-gritty and consider lighting, flooring material and ventilation.  This is the most important phase.

2. Layout

It’s been said many times because it’s true – there should be no more than 3 meters between either of your sink, fridge and stove and these items should form a triangle. Don’t fight it.  It works!  Position bench tops and cupboards accordingly.

3. Who Has Enough Storage?

When considering your renovation perhaps cupboards that go all the way to the ceiling are a good idea. These reduce clutter and so minimise the time you spend cleaning.  Think about how deep drawers, a walk-in pantry and an appliance cupboard may be of benefit

4. The Tradies

Get recommendations from people you trust. Nightmare renovation sagas always begin with the person doing the work.  If you get references, check them.  If there are none, ask yourself why.  This person will be in your house for a few weeks – it’s worth spending some time to get a sense of who he/she is.

Remember, living with any on-going upheaval in your house is stressful. When it all seems too much, relax on your verandah with a cuppa and pat your dog.  He’ll soothe those frayed nerves.