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You’ve positioned the dough disc on the stone, topped it with your own home-made tomato sauce before adding hot salami, onions, mushrooms, peppers and a liberal sprinkling of mozzarella. Then, into the Spits For Hire Pizza Oven it goes. Ten minutes later, the family has gathered at the picnic table, you’re sipping a red and everyone’s eating and talking about their day – it’s pizza night at your house!
Did you say you want versatility? Problem solved. This pizza oven comes with a stainless steel grill perfect for barbequing your spicy sausages, honey-soy marinated lamb back straps or medium rare T-bones – enough for 80 people! And, of course, being a Spits For Hire product, you can also spit roast a whole piglet or lamb (up to 15kg), create mouth-watering souvlakis in the traditional Greek method and cook multiple chooks until they are succulent, golden brown and irresistible.
So now the eating is done and you’re looking to relax. This is where the true versatility of the pizza oven comes into play. You see, now it turns into a heater for those chilly evenings when the stars are out and your belly is so full you can’t move.
The Spits For Hire Pizza Oven – strong, versatile, 3 sizes, locally made and economical to run. This little gem is the perfect addition to any patio or verandah and will instantly become the focus of your next gathering.
Call the guys at Spits For Hire for information about their pizza ovens. Then invite your friends around for an easy evening of fun and relaxation.


You’ve thinly sliced the spit roasts, prepared the gravy using the meat’s own juices, roasted the potatoes, carrots and onions to perfection and now the natives are starting to gather with cutlery and appetites. You’d better be able to keep it all warm while you serve them!
Bain maries are the perfect solution. A bain marie is a steaming water bath situated below a series of stainless steel inserts that hold your mouth-watering roasts and vegetables. Above this is a line of heat lamps that provide additional warmth while also working to deter insects. All you have to do is conveniently position the plates on top to keep them warm and watch for the look of anticipation on your guests’ faces as they stand in line awaiting their chance to feast.
Spits For Hire bain maries come with their own stand, in many sizes and we can deliver them to allow you more time to set up other elements of your function. They are easy to use and keep clean and are magnificent at keeping food warm and moist for long periods.
Hosting a function? You’ll need a Spits For Hire bain marie for the hungry hordes.


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