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The Geelong Copywriting Blog knows no boundaries.  Recently I have been writing posts for a lady running a company which teaches small businesses to be ACCC compliant.  Here’s an example…



Let’s not mince our words here – businesses use social media pages as a marketing tool to generate sales. They are not established to inform your granny or your BFF about some new pair of heels you bought.  With this in mind, it is the business owner’s responsibility to make sure no claims on their site are false or misleading.  There is no separate set of laws designed to cover social media – the current laws do this adequately.  This means there is no specialised knowledge that business owners are required to have in order to operate their sites.  However, when operating business social media pages business owners should keep certain fundamentals in mind…

  1. Monitor your site for all comments. Set up a schedule for this.
  2. Delete comments that are false or misleading. It does not matter that these may have been posted by third parties.
  3. Set up and highlight rules which apply to your followers. Deny access to users who break these rules.
  4. Decide if social media is for you. Compare its sales generation numbers to that of other advertising types you use then factor in the time and expense of complying with the regulations. Just because others are doing it, doesn’t mean you should.
  5. Offer refunds to customers who have purchased based on false or misleading claims which have appeared on your site. This is great for business in the long run as humans accept mistakes happen. It also creates a reason to engage with your customers and they are seeing you doing the right thing.

Operating with the above in mind may save you time and money in the long run. The key is setting up the right practices and internal business culture sooner, not later.