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The Geelong Copywriting Blog works for a variety of organisations.  This article was written for a company that wanted to inject some life into world of Consumer Law and Scam Protection.



Some days it seems everyone wants your money. But remember – it’s your money so watch out for it!

Please take notice of this pair of invoicing scams…

The Domain Name Scam

Have you ever received a renewal notice from a supposed domain name registry with a believable company name? Well, you’re not alone.  Thousands of these go out every year warning that if you don’t renew soon then you may lose your entitlements to that name.  The only way to retain your entitlements, according to the scammers, is to pay a fee and re-register with them in a very short period of time.  Sometimes they get extra cocky and strongly advise extra services that a smart business person like yourself should be interested in.  Then they present an invoice for an inflated amount which they hope you will pay.

The solution? Know the name of the company through which you registered your domain name and ignore all other suitors.

Bogus Subscription Invoices

An invoice arrives along with all the other mail. It’s in a window envelope, it’s got a stamp, it looks mostly like other invoices you regularly receive, it’s a magazine subscription renewal notice for a publication you read.  You pay it by filling in the credit card details.  Then, a few months later, the real renewal notice arrives.

Damn! The bogus notice did not come from the magazine’s publisher.  It came from a scammer hoping you are too time poor to check its accuracy.  The scammers may also have offered you other magazines to subscribe to which of course, they will tell you, may easily cancel at any time.  Accept… um, where is their phone number?


Here’s the bottom line – be alert, it’s your money. Look for the signs that indicate something isn’t what it seems.