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Prospect Nurturing –

It Keeps Your Brand Top of Mind in Your Target Market.


When members of your target market are ready to purchase, you want your brand way ahead of the competition.  Prospect Nurturing is the marketing strategy designed to make this happen.   As a marketing method it is particularly suited when teamed with an aspirational/iconic brand since it delicately reinforces lifestyle and personal choices while acknowledging that purchasing lead times for expensive items are longer.






Mercedes Benz is an iconic brand.  It is associated with excellence, status, success and discerning taste.  The effective Prospect Nurturing system compatible with Mercedes Benz would take these qualities into account and project them into a monthly newsletter containing articles on opulent holiday destinations, sophisticated dining experiences, the benefits of individual Mercedes Benz features or vehicles, fashionable trends in home décor and more.  It would harness the knowledge that Mercedes Benz drivers have a higher than average disposable income and want to spend that on pleasurable experiences and instantly gratifying products.


Of course, such a publication would also deliver benefits from a short engaging story involving a driving holiday in the Merc.



Significant time and money are usually invested to identify qualified sales leads.  If the prospects are truly qualified, they may not be ready to buy right now but will probably be ready at some point in the next 2-3 years.  Ignoring them just because the timing isn’t right is a mistake.  So put those prospects in your Prospect Nurturing System to strengthen your connection until a time of their choosing.


Between voicemail, incomplete messages and elongated bouts of phone tag, it’s hard to make connections with prospects by phone.  Additionally, Prospects don’t care to be pestered by “are you ready to buy yet” phone calls.  Salespeople who do this become annoying and make themselves like every other pushy salesperson – someone your prospects want to avoid. Is that a smart way to run a business?




To separate yourself from the competition and position yourself as helpful and understanding of their lifestyle and mindset, allow your customers to be warmed on the backburner by your Prospect Nurturing System until they are prepared to make the call.


They have high disposable income,

They are aware of the personal image created by driving a Mercedes Benz,

They are aware of the superior creature comforts and performance.

Merc drivers don’t want to be sold a car. They want to buy a Mercedes Benz. Understanding this difference is critical. This mindset puts them in control. An effective Prospect Nurturing System will render them ready-to-buy so that overt selling does not need to take place.

A newsletter of this nature may even be attractive to vehicle finance companies, airlines, upmarket hairdressers, luxury décor stores, jewellery companies and fine-dining restaurants for advertising purposes. This would assist in financing the cost of production.





St. Moritz is one of the world’s most famous holiday resorts. Chic, elegant and exclusive with a cosmopolitan ambiance, it is located at 1,856 metres above sea level in the middle of the Upper Engadin Lake landscape. The dry, sparkling “champagne climate” is legendary and the celebrated St. Moritz sun shines for an average of 322 days a year.

Three different cultural regions converge in St. Moritz thanks to the Romansch language, the proximity to Italy and the fact that the majority of the local population are German speaking. The resort owes its original fame to its therapeutic springs, which have been known for over 3,000 years. As well as its superb location on the lake shore, St. Moritz offers an attractive mixture of nature, culture, sport, activity and tranquillity.

St. Moritz is the birthplace of Alpine winter tourism.  It has hosted two Winter Olympic Games (1928 and 1948) and numerous skiing and bobsled World Championships. The summer season is equally glamorous and actually attracts more international visitors than winter. St. Moritz offers an all-year-round guarantee of exceptional leisure and sporting attractions, cultural highlights, chic shopping and world-class events. It also has Triple A+ grade hotels and excellent restaurants. The St. Moritz sun shines more intensely, the “champagne climate” is dryer and snow is more certain than anywhere else. These elements, combined with the Upper Engadin Lake landscape and valley culture create an array of attractions that is unique in terms of qualityand diversity. In winter; downhill and Nordic skiing, Cresta Run, bob run, horse racing on the frozen lake, polo, cricket, golf and curling tournaments, Olympic ski jump ramp, gourmet and music festivals. In summer; mountain biking, inline skating, hiking, windsurfing, ice skating, golf, tennis, sailing, opera, art and culture and the Swiss National Park – all within a radius of a few minutes’ walk.

Contact your travel consultant for more information or to make arrangements.  Be sure to ask about the best fondue in town, heli-skiing, the snow bar and all the other attractions that make St. Moritz, well… St. Moritz!


The new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT sports car.

With its AMG sports seating capsules, black Nappa leather, carbon-fibre interior trim, keyless push-button starting mechanism and 6.3 litre V8 this new Benz is designed to turn heads, prowl like a panther then disappear in heartbeat.

For more information about this magnificent specimen, contact the team at Geelong City Motors. They will find it difficult to contain their enthusiasm when talking about this one!