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The Geelong Copywriting Blog has some thoughts on About Me Sections.  If yours is too much about you then, hmm… perhaps you should read on.



People spend a lot of time on the internet shopping around. Part of determining who they will spend their money with is the About Me tab.  An effective About Me tab may seal the deal.  An ineffective one will definitely kill it.

Like all sections of your website, the About Me section is a marketing tool. Consequently,


It absolutely must be about how your skills, connections, attributes, education and experience can benefit your clients.  Making this link is essential.  Your prospects are not on your website to learn that you graduated magna cum laude in the Class of ’93.  They don’t care about that.  They want to know how this distinction will advantage them.

We’ve all heard the adage he who pays the piper calls the tune.  However, not only does he pick the music, but the guy with the Mastercard also decides which piper’s services to buy.  To win the sale, you must be the piper who makes the prospect aware of the benefits your music will provide.

So that should be the message in your About Me section. Now, how do you package it?

Writing in the first person is easy for the writer…

“I am a member of the Corporate Systems Analysts Club, an independent institute for people who all believe the same thing about corporate systems. I am committed to corporate systems and read all of their journals so I can be completely up to date on their systems which never change.  I am fully licenced to participate in all elements of the Corporate Systems Analysts Club and this means a lot to me.”

…but it really sucks to read!!!

And don’t laugh at this one. I’ve changed very little in this one from the original.  The rest is out there on someone’s website.  How much work do you think this person is missing out on because it’s all about him?  Did you count the number of times ‘I’ was used?  4 in 3 sentences!  Who do you think this guy is all about?  His customers?  Hmm…

So here’s a tip – don’t write your About Me tab in the first person. It presents technical difficulties that even seasoned writers would prefer not to deal with.

If you’re still having trouble putting together an effective About Me section after reading this then give me a call. I’ll get something back to you in a couple of days.


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