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The Geelong Copywriting Blog helped Anita Schmidt put together an article for publication in a magazine.  Anita loved the way her skills, enthusiasm and helpful nature were seamlessly woven into the text.

Ride the Financial Wave

Solution to Saving.


Everyone wants a better deal on their home loan. But who’s got the time to look?
So what if there was a skilled individual looking for you who didn’t charge you for their time? That’s where mortgage brokers are an asset for any home buyer or investor.
Typically, mortgage brokers have 25 – 30 banks and other lending institutions they deal with. As a consumer searching for a loan, you might only approach 2 or 3. So realistically, who’s more likely to find the better loan for your individual needs? It’s a no-brainer. Additionally, as loans are the products they offer they know the differences between the various credit providers’ contract terms and conditions. This saves you from having to wade through the legalese and allows you to ask questions of someone who has your best interests at the core of their business – not a bank’s.
Meet Anita Schmidt. She owns and operates Financial Wave Solutions where she matches individual loans with individual borrowers. Her years of experience in the financial services industry means she possesses a detailed knowledge of an enormous variety of loan products. After a comprehensive discussion with her clients, she uses this knowledge to quickly narrow down the options and presents these for further discussion. From there the most suitable loan is determined. It’s a simple process designed to make her clients’ lives easy and stress-free – and save them thousands of dollars in totally avoidable interest repayments!
In a former life, Anita specialised in property investment. Consequently, she is well attuned to assisting her clients with any specific questions they may have in this area and she is equally capable helping first home buyers to navigate their often seemingly daunting arena.
As a professional in the mortgage broking industry, Anita acutely understands the legal requirements upon her to operate ethically and transparently in all circumstances. So, from initial consultation to final payment, she is there to service her customers’ needs, inform them of the process and offer astute advice on all aspects of their loan establishment experience.
Jump on her website at http://www.financialwavesolutions.com.au/ before October 30 for a chance to win a trip to New York City valued at over $9,000!