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The Geelong Copywriting Blog was asked to write a kickass About Me for an immigration agent…

Lisa Petersen – About Me

Lisa Petersen is a Registered Immigration Agent with Lisa Petersen and Associates.  She specialises in determining the easiest legal avenues for people to obtain permanent residency in Australia.  She has 6 years’ experience as an Immigration Agent, and was a practicing lawyer for 3 years before that.  Her knowledge of the immigration process and dedication to providing the best service possible helps her clients.

“Immigration is an electorally sensitive topic in Australia so governments often change the law or policies connected to it.  By staying up to date with the latest reforms and using my legal training I am able to provide my clients with an advantage.  They are then able to benefit from my extensive knowledge and make informed choices about what suits them best.”

Having numerous community contacts is another key advantage Lisa’s clients have.  Once permanent or temporary residency is granted, her clients then need to fit into Australian life as quickly and possible.  Her extensive community contacts allow her to present a range of options to her clients. They are then able to quickly satisfy their housing, educational, transportation, language, financial and business needs.

“Upon their arrival into Australia, I am able to help my clients settle quickly.  I offer relocating assistance to clients who do not have family, friends or colleagues in Australia.  I connect them with services they require such as enrolment of children in schools and assisting in finding property.”

Something Lisa sees too many of are clients whose needs have not been satisfied by other Immigration Agents.  Recently, she assisted a family who arrived in Australia on a business visa.  However, their agent did not prepare them sufficiently to satisfy the requirements for permanent residency.  The incredible emotional rollercoaster these mistakes cause a family are as horrendous as they are avoidable.  Would they be forced to return to the country they were so desperate to leave?  If so, how would they be received once they have returned?  Would they be safe?  Persecuted?  In the case of this family, Lisa completed a total assessment of each family member.  She discovered one of the children played handball and was a member of a local sporting association.  The association declared it would sponsor the child.  The child became the main applicant.  This saved the family from having to go back to their old country.  They are now happily settled and very grateful members of our Australian community.  The family’s business interests continued to run smoothly through this process.

“It’s often the little things others overlook that win the day in the end,” says Lisa.  “By knowing the law and the rights of the individual applicants concerned, I can turn our complicated system to their advantage.  Sometimes it’s hard, but it’s not impossible.”


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