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The Geelong Copywriting Blog creates copy for all business purposes.  Here’s one for a company wanting to educate business people about how to deal with scams.



There’s a sob story or a stroke of good luck that has come your way.  Or there’s an email requesting a refund or some bank details so you can be reimbursed the money you overpaid.  Yep, that’s how they often begin – SCAMS.

Most of us are trusting types – when we help a little old lady across the street, we are not expecting her to stab us in the foot with her spiked umbrella only to pick our pockets and dash off like a frolicking kitten.  Nor do we expect that long lost Uncle Joe got rich, died and left $2million to us which is only collectable if we give this nice man on the phone our most private of details.

Last year, $93million was lost to scammers and over 84,000 small businesses and consumers were the targets.  Here’s a common one for small accommodation houses…

An overpayment is sent by cheque for the accommodation.  Shortly after, the payer calls the accommodation owner requesting a refund to create the correct balance on the account.  What should the owner do?  The first thing is to get out of the habit of being a trusting type when dealing with money and people you’ve never met.  Then, ask a few questions like, did I make the amount owing clear in the first place?  How many other times has this happened?  And then the big one – Should I wait until the cheque is cleared before sending the balance back?

If a business transaction doesn’t smell right, it might not be.  Pause.  Breathe.  Question.

Then consult http://www.scamwatch.gov.au

Finally, get over the embarrassment of being scammed!  That embarrassment makes it easy for the scammers to get away with it again because it stops you doing the right thing and reporting it.


Embarrassment is one of the key motivators for not informing authorities to the existence of scams.  Hopefully the Geelong Copywriting Blog helped to overcome this.