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The Geelong Copywriting Blog was asked to write an engaging tale to for Reg Green of Green Real Estate…




The batsmen are putting an extra coat of varnish on the willow down at the Bairstow Eagles Cricket Club this season – and it’s not because they are all mad-keen timber preservers.  No, it’s because Reg Green of Green Real Estate and Eagles’ President, Bob Thomas have entered into an arrangement that could see batsmen scoring a lazy ton with one pull-shot!

Perhaps an explanation is order…

With a nod and a wink, Reg and Bob agreed that Scott can erect his advertising sign on the boundary if he is prepared to pay $100 to the batsman who wallops the ball into it from the middle.  And Reg’s pockets go deep – he has offered an accumulating jackpot of up to $1000 for the season!  Given the accuracy of some of the Eagles’ top order batsmen, Reg may yet come to wish he had made the sign a little smaller.

Bob described the HIT THE SIGN competition as a “fantastic development for the club.”  He continued, “This will create a real buzz around our club and local cricket in general.”

Equally enthusiastic, Bob said, “I am really pleased to be a part of this exciting competition which is something very unique for the local cricket association.”

The Bairstow Eagles Cricket Club was created in 1989 and, as the area has grown, so too has the club.  It is now a significant community concern with four senior men’s teams and an organically growing junior program set to produce the Shane Warnes and Dean Jones of the future.

The club won its inaugural 1st XI Premiership in the GCA’s Division 2 competition in the 2007/08 season and has since collected an impressive list of achievements.  It’s a community-based organisation run by volunteers and the good will of all involved.

The Bairstow Eagles Cricket Club is an invaluable community asset.  Attend a game and join in the neighbourhood fun.


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