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The Geelong Copywriting Blog can take you to extraordinary places.  I sometimes write articles of a humorous nature for a small newspaper.  I’ve been allowed to invent a character I can have fun with…

Block Buster

Sam needs to learn to deal with disappointment better…


Some friends of ours went to Bali last weekend. They live down the road on a small property and asked if I would feed the chickens during their absence.  Sure, I said, knowing I would exact revenge one day.

In a seemingly unrelated matter, we own a 4WD. The ownership of this vehicle followed a fun Queensland holiday we had a few years ago when we hired one to go adventuring north of Port Douglas.  With no 4WD experience, the trusting rental agency allowed us to sign a contract which left us in charge of this 2 tonne beast and we crossed rainforest rivers, skidded to sudden stops for time-rich roos and took on steep ups and downs on rocky and muddy tracks.  During this experience, we got the feeling the car had greater abilities than the drivers.

So when the next car was due, a 4WD was chosen. That was two years ago.  We are still far from expert behind the wheel but determined to give it a go on our holiday camping adventures.  Accordingly, Audrey bought me a 4WD training course for a birthday present.  The course was to be held last weekend but at the last minute the instructor sent me an email apologising but he was unable to run the course at the allotted time as he was in hospital.  It did, however, mean I was able to feed the bird.

So it was with disappointment in my blood that I got in the car and headed to our friends place. There are two way to get to our friends place – the straight-down-the-road-route-that-should-be-taken-by-disappointed-4WDers and the 4WD route.  You know which one I took, but, in my defence, do you know how it feels when you wanted to give something a go?  When you were primed full of enthusiasm and bravery not usually associated with you?  Well, that was me.

Into the Landcruiser I hopped and along the 4WD track I drove. Has anyone else noticed the rain lately?  Hmm.  Anyhow, there were a couple of boggy holes – no troubles.  There was mud – cool!  There were hundreds of potholes – no worries.  And there was one long puddle that I probably should have thought a little harder about.  Part way through it and the wheels they spin but the car she no go.  Two hours later the chickens are fed, I am home covered in mud from head to toe and along the way I gave myself a lesson on how to use that winchy thing.