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Blogging – it’s a catch 22.

The sites ranking well in Goooooooogle rankings get lots of hits because they rank well in Gooooogle (number of ‘o’s may vary) rankings.  But they got there and stay there because of something else – they communicate with their customers frequently.  They know this communication has two benefits…

  1. It keeps them near the top of the rankings, and
  2. Communicating with your customers keeps your business top of their mind so when they need to purchase, who do they think about purchasing from?

So how does a new kid on the block rank well, get lots of hits and make more sales?

Simple  – it’s no secret!  The answer is a constant stream of fresh content.  Ask any blogger.  Some bloggers are maniacal and on the job 24/7.  But what business owner has that much time for blogging?  None.  So set aside a quarter of an hour a week to organise your thoughts and a further half an hour to type them up.  Don’t just start typing!  You’ll get yourself in a knot, get frustrated and give up resulting in your Gooogle ranking remaining the same and your business being as hard to find as it was before.

                                                     Know what you are going to say before you start to type! 

And if this is still daunting, contact me.

It’s what I do.