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Steve Sweeney is a copywriter in Geelong.  With many years writing experience he is able to produce the persuasive words that will make your business’s phones ring.  Click on the Home Page to find out how he can help your business grow.

Here’s an example of a LinkedIn profile he wrote recently.  The client was ecstatic as it showed her to be personable and experienced in her field.  The name has been changed.


Lauren is a real estate professional with the Hammerstein team based in Melbourne.  With a few years under her belt now in the real estate industry, she has quickly learned that it is her knowledge of the business and dedication to providing the best service possible which contributes to her customers’ success.   That’s because real estate is a people business.

“In my business, I have to stay up to date with all the latest real estate trends to satisfy my clients’ interests.  Knowing which suburbs are experiencing growth and understanding niche elements of the general marketplace helps me to keep my customers informed.  This is how they get their edge.  They are then able to benefit from this knowledge and make educated choices about which property suits them best.”

Having numerous contacts behind the scenes is another key advantage Lauren’s clients possess.  She regularly meets with mortgage brokers, financial advisors and solicitors to see if they can add greater value to her customers’ experience.  Additionally, property stylists and tradespeople are often an overlooked resource which Lauren utilises the skills of before presenting properties for the market.  Another key advantage Lauren’s clients make great use of is her perceptive negotiating skills and solutions-based approach to problem solving.  This helps her achieve the maximum sale price every time and overcome some of the common problems associated with real estate transactions.

Lauren offers convenience and a personalized service second to none.  She frequently makes after-hours appointments to save her clients’ time and stress and is friendly, approachable and totally focussed on getting the job done.



Whilst working for Estee Lauder, Lauren learned the importance of establishing rapport with clients through educating them of the benefits of the products.  Selling high-end make-up is an art form based on many skills and attributes.  The most important of these is demonstrating great patience with clients as they are taught how and when to use the individual products.  This is knowledge Lauren still relies upon in her real estate career.



Steve Sweeney is a copywriter in Geelong.  Give him a call if your website isn’t delivering the results you want.