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Copywriter Geelong – Going Concern

Steve's Blog Steve Sweeney is a copywriter in Geelong.  With many years writing experience he is able to produce the persuasive words that will make your business’s phones ring.  Click on the Home Page to find out how he can help your business grow. Here’s an example...
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Going Concern – Geelong Copywriting

Steve's Blog Going Concern’s Geelong Copywriting arm performs all writing tasks.  This week a video script was prepared for a woman who runs a relationship coaching business in Sydney.  The task was to make the script deliver an emotional response from readers – women...
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Geelong Copywriter – Going Concern

Steve's Blog Going Concern’s Geelong Copywriter writes in all styles and for all purposes.  Click on the Services tab to learn more. Here’s an example of a fun little job from a while ago.  My client asked me to write new lyrics for The Eye of the Tiger by Foreigner. ...
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