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The Geelong Copywriting Blog must sometimes go where few are brave enough travel.  The one below involved beer so no bravery was required.  It’s a piece I did for a local newsletter recently.  The editor wanted something everyone could relate to delivered in a light manner…



Can beer be healthy? Yep, but as always, in moderation.

Mostly, it’s wine that gets the glory when considering alcoholic drinks that provide health benefits. But scientists are discovering that an ale or two may also provide advantages to the human body.

  1. Beer is a superior source of micronutrients. These little dynamos whizz around your body and help to support its various systems – cardiovascular, immune, brain function, nervous etc. Add to this a few vitamins, niacin, riboflavin and folate and the reasons for moderate consumption start to add up.
  2. Studies suggest that a brew or two may deter the formation of blood clots. Beer has been found to have beneficial effects on lipids and fibrinogen, a protein associated with blood clotting.
  3. Beer reduces the risk of heart disease. Yep, seems to be the case. A 2011 study found that moderate consumption of beer increases your body’s good cholesterol while decreasing the bad.
  4. Beer may help create strong bones. Go figure. And apparently, researchers believe Indian Pale Ales are the best. The reason? Silicon. This is thought to improve bone mineral density thereby making them stronger. The silicon is in its highest concentrations in beers that have more malted barley and hops.
  5. And finally, an ale or two has been linked with lowering the risk of developing kidney stones. Researchers believe this is due beer’s high water content. Also, hops are thought to contain elements that retard the release of calcium from bone which is connected to kidney stones.Now, let’s be sensible here. None of the above means 27 pots at the pub tonight will make you invincible in all these areas. Moderation is the key for deriving the health advantages so take it easy and enjoy responsibly. And don’t forget fruit and vegetables – they should be the mainstay of any diet for health reasons. Totally relying on beer will lead to tears.


Clearly, this Geelong Copywriting Blogger needs to conduct more research into this ambitious topic.