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“This is far more than I ever imagined an article could be.

Your words conger up a real picture in my head – and that’s what I wanted.”

Lorel Robinson

Your business needs to sell products and services.

To achieve this, you must connect with your prospects on many levels.

Crafting your memorable message in a manner your customers relate to is essential.  Our words will have you and your business looking professional, trustworthy and capable in your customers’ eyes.  This helps break down their purchasing resistance and…

 Gets Your Phone Ringing.

Going Concern is a thriving Melbourne copywriting business based solely on referrals.  It’s been built on a slavish adherence to providing superior quality copy and service to every single customer.  Over the years, we’ve learned that developing a full understanding of each customer’s business and thei target market enables us to create the individual content that helps their business cut through the noise.

Finding the right words for your business’s website or promotional material can be tricky.  So leave it to the word nerds at Going Concern – persuasive sales writing is what we do!  We’ll draft copy that appeals to your customers so they’ll want to learn more about your products and services.  What happens then…?

They call you!

 Melbourne Copywriters – Going Concern.

Words that Sell Keep Your Business a Going Concern!

Call Steve to organise an appointment and discuss the right words for your business.

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“Brilliant Steve. Thanks so much!” Anna Guiness.


Melbourne Copywriter Going Concern

Provides Writing Services to Businesses

  • Persuasive Copywriting. Convincing copy that overcomes purchasing resistance, engages, educates and gets those phones ringing!
  • Prospect Nurturing Systems.  Businesses that keep a subliminal presence in their prospects’ minds make sales they weren’t expecting.
  • Ghost Writing.  Many entrepreneurs want a book out in their name that demonstrates they are experts in their field.  Unfortunately, they don’t have time to write it.  I do.  Confidentiality agreements are a must here!
  • Website Personality Development.  Nobody wants to deal with a robot so let’s zhsoozhs it up some.
  • LinkedIn Profiles.  Let’s get you connected!
  • Speech Writing.  You gotta hold their attention!  Dazzle them with stories, beguile them with stagecraft and leave them laughing as you go.

Copywriter tools of the trade

Confidence-Building About Me Sections.  This is where trust begins.

Editing.  Often, less is more.

“G’day Steve. Thank-you for your prompt-ness in getting this to me. It is perfect, it shows professionalism and the quality of what I am trying to do.” Zoe Hollingsworth, Zebrafish Digital Media

Strategic Internal Communications and

Newsletters Writers Melbourne

Sometimes it’s better to massage the message…

Many corporations such as supermarkets, department stores and factories have a disconnect between a small management team and a much larger number of workers.  This frustrates management as it can become impossible for them to get their messages through.  The disconnect is often caused by differing educational levels, backgrounds and outlooks.  Management are keen to move their company forward while the workers are thinking of doing just enough to keep their jobs.  Management are busily conceiving new policies to streamline production or improve customer service and workers seem uninterested in learning new methods to do the same old job.

So how does management get their message through?  How can you make employees willingly absorb a message?

It’s all in the delivery. Going Concern’s specialist Melbourne newsletter writers know how to massage your message for optimal effect.

Inform your people in a manner that engages and inspires by eliminating the corporate speak and management jargon.

Too often, management communicates with their workers in corporate tongue.  It doesn’t work.  In fact, it creates barriers.  These barriers destroy morale and productivity, jeopardise safety and ruin the culture management is trying so hard to nurture.

I write internal newsletters designed to engage workers.  Once engaged, workers will absorb management’s message.  The key to achieving this is to entertain while educating.  These newsletters are not your normal corporately jargoned, grandly worded and boring old communications you might be used to.  They are designed to put readers in the right frame of mind by placing a smile on their faces first.  Once a smile is on their face, their barriers come down.  When the barriers are down they are more susceptible to the messages of management.

All corporations have a need to keep their workforce informed.  By regularly passing on information in a readily digestible and easy-to-read manner management can improve morale, quickly disseminate new policies and increase productivity.  But only if employees are predisposed to absorb the message.

If the above whets your appetite for greater productivity, give us a call.

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Melbourne Newsletter Writers

“A big thank you for the contributions to my website. It went live today!
I really appreciate your time and expertise.
I am fortunate to have your support in my profession.”
Andrea Hillbrick

My Clients

Going Concern has helped many Businesses and Individuals

stand out

and Achieve Results.

 Consequently, they are very confident to refer more business our way.  

Thanks Guys!

  1. Innovabiz
  2. Geelong Bowen Therapy
  3. Passion for Life Coaching
  4. Proctor Accounting
  5. Senia Lawyers
  6. Business in Heels
  7. Corporate Chic
  8. Blinds with an Edge
  9. Netsmart Marketing
  10. Australian Public Service Benefits
  11. Geelong.com.au
  12. Matt Hart – Garden Coach
  13. Lauren Cook
  14. New Select Homes
  15. UnKluttered Life

  1. Port Botany Authority
  2. Certum Accountants
  3. Centre of Excellence for Hair and Beauty
  4. John Van Beveren
  5. Destiny Pursuit
  6. Aspiron Real Estate
  7. Michael Parker Building
  8. David Novak and Associates
  9. Financial Wave Solutions
  10. Egans
  11. Digitalsmith
  12. Varcon
  13. Guttervac
  14. GoGreen Glazing
  15. Community Brokers
  16. Jim’s House Inspections
  17. Target Wealth

  1. Zing Studio
  2. RCT Recruitment Coaching Training
  3. Velocity Solar
  4. Flight Centre
  5. Spits For Hire
  6. Aggie Skridulis
  7. Anna Petterwood
  8. Australian Customised Cleaning
  9. La Perouse
  10. North Geelong Property Services
  11. Hi-Fliers
  12. Health Creation Centre
  13. Fresh Start Physiotherapy
  14. Buzztech
  15. Cloud Accounting Fitness Space

  1. Powertrix Electricals
  2. Nutrition for Mind and Body
  3. Café Lorae
  4. Nerdman
  5. Local Garden Care
  6. Planwell Financial Group
  7. Braith Bamkin
  8. Compros Australia
  9. Giovanna Capozza
  10. Taman Baru Bali
  11. Andrea Hillbrick
  12. Noble Financial Services
  13. Surfcoast Tree Removal
  14. Lidya Colt Real Estate
  15. Deb Pace Coaching

Here are a few examples of the nice things they said…

“I have finally updated my website with the amazing copy you did for me.  It has transformed my website completely and I can’t thank you enough.”  Ellen Simitsis.

“No doubt about it Steve, you are a special clever fella,… great prose hey.”  Daryl Pagan.

“Really fun article Steve – I appreciate how tight the word limit was so great job in keeping it light and not getting bogged in the technical. Thank you!”  Josie Rae.

“All I can say – brilliant!!!!  Love them all! So very much appreciated. This will make me feel so much better getting up and presenting now.”  Barbara Berndt.

“I must say you have done an awesome job on the bio’s and website content.”  Eileen Shiells

There are plenty more but, well… that would just be showing off.


Steve on 0459 412 521

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About Me – It’s not about me.

Like all sections of your website, your About Me section is a marketing tool.  Therefore, it shouldn’t be about you at all!

An effective About Me section will link your skills and attributes, your education and experience to the benefits these can provide to your clients. 

In the absence of this link, your About Me section is, well, all about you. 

This provides absolutely no comfort to your website visitors who are actually looking for you to be all about them.

Your customers need to know you are –

  1. Professional
  2. Trustworthy
  3. Capable

Beyond that, they want to know you are not about you.  They want to know you are about them and can relate to their world.  An effective About Me section demonstrates this.

As for me?  All right, I can tell you want to know a little more…       

I’ve enjoyed a dream run over the past few years helping the customers on the list above create the words that sell their businesses. Getting to know each of them personally has helped me find the right words to connect them with their target audiences.  Forming these relationships has driven my business significantly as these clients now enthusiastically refer me to their new associates.

Thanks People – it’s appreciated!

Need to engage your site’s readers? Give me a call and let’s get that happening for you so your phone starts ringing.

It makes a beautiful sound when it does!

Melbourne Copywriters